I don't remember when I became a "

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I don't remember when I became a "

Postby ylq » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:47 pm

I don't remember when I became a "prisoner" at home. After dinner every night, I walked into my "cell" - bedroom. One night is one night, no rest. Whenever I want to get out of the room, a sentence "Do you finish your homework?" I have to return to my "cell". When I finished my homework and reviewed it for a while, I had a short time to rest.racurricular books on the bookcase seem to have become my "prisoners". I can't "communicate" with them every time I do my homework in my bedroom. No matter how wonderful they are, but want to flip through the book? no way!environment in the house is very stuffy, so I can��t breathe.never I heard the noise of the children downstairs, I always felt a kind of desolate, boundlessly hit my heart. But, want to play? Noway (no door)!times, I really hate the dynasty, I hate Emperor Wendi and Emperor Sui. One of them founded the system of imperial examinations Marlboro Red, one promoted the system of imperial examinations, the system of imperial examinations, and the ancestors of this examination. It was this that made the already interesting study become an invisible giant hand, holding each of them tightly. The throat of a student connects the fate of each student to it closely. Later, parents limit the children's freedom for their children's future. Their childhood is no longer colorful, but spent in a boring, monotonous environment.member that in "Happy Planet", there was an episode, although it was naive, but it was very appropriate: "Little boy, carrying a big bag, doing homework, learning homework, too annoying, too annoying, too annoying. Parents of the teacher, you listen to me, there is only one color in the spring that is too monotonous Online Cigarettes, and the eagle with its wings folded is not high."gh I am in a "prison cell," my heart is flying freely in the pure land of my heart, imagining the beautiful nature of the mountains Carton Of Marlboro Reds, imagining the experience of catching small fish and shrimps in books, and this, I It feels very far away to me.reason why feudal society lags behind is that those red tapes bind people's minds and people's minds. Now why the Chinese dragon can take off because reform and opening up is because people have a free flying heart.metimes I also want to play freely in the boundless wilderness. Nature is the best teacher, why as a student, the opportunity to contact the mother of nature is so rare Cigarettes Cheaper. I hope that one day, the school moved into nature, let the flower of freedom, and settled in the heart of every child How Much Is A Carton Of Newports.
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