There are three usual limits to the lifetime or load

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There are three usual limits to the lifetime or load

Postby motorbearings » Fri Oct 13, 2017 1:36 am

For these sorts of reasons, much of bearing design is about failure analysis. Fatigue results when a material becomes brittle after being repeatedly loaded and released. . Although balls, rollers and races may look smooth, they are microscopically rough. For example, with a stationary (non-rotating) load, small vibrations can gradually press out the lubricant between the races and rollers or balls (false brinelling). Smaller balls or rollers deform more sharply, tilting pad bearing and so tend to fatigue faster. Vibration based analysis can be used for fault identification of bearings.

There are three usual limits to the lifetime or load capacity of a bearing: abrasion, fatigue and pressure-induced welding. Without lubricant the bearing fails, even though it is not rotating and thus is apparently not being used.Rolling-element bearings often work well in Tilting pad journal bearing non-ideal conditions, but sometimes minor problems cause bearings to fail quickly and mysteriously. Pressure-induced welding can occur when two metal pieces are pressed together at very high pressure and they become one. Abrasion occurs when the surface is eroded by hard contaminants scraping at the bearing materials. Where the ball or roller touches the race there is always some deformation, and hence a risk of fatigue
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